Mexmba – Is a Fraudulent Forex Broker?

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First, check whether the broker is regulated by a legitimate governing body. A broker can be regulated by the government, a private licensing company, or both. A reputable broker will list its regulators on its website. If not, look elsewhere for a trustworthy forex broker. is a fraud and should be avoided at all costs. This review will shed light on how to spot a fake broker.

A broker should also be regulated by an independent regulatory body. If a broker is registered with a regulating body, it will have an A+ rating. However, if a company is not registered with such a body, it is a fraudulent Forex broker. If a broker is regulated, it will be clear in its website. The site should be easy to navigate and should contain detailed information about its products and services. has a fake website and fake reviews. Although it claims to be a regulated company, it doesn’t have any. Its homepage displays warnings and legal section wherein the company warns of the risks of trading. It is important to choose a regulated broker, otherwise you might be scammed. It is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t be fooled by unregistered Forex brokers. Login closed

The login to the platform has recently closed. Clients are not able to access their funds and are seeking to login to the website, and get assistance in withdrawing or recovering their bitcoin. If you have lost money to, speak to a fund recovery specialist. Scam Warning Signs

Another warning sign to look for is the claims that the company makes about itself. While some forex brokers claim to have a 96% success rate, this is simply not the case. The truth is that it is hard to make money on Forex with such unrealistic claims. Even if they claim to have a 96% success rate on their profit signals, they’ll probably lie about it. That’s because a scam broker is likely to boast of earning profits from a small investment, and it will be impossible to get the returns you are expecting.

If you’re thinking about joining a new broker, remember to check the company’s SEC registration. While a forex broker can claim to be registered with a governing body, it should be regulated by a governing body. It should be regulated by a regulating body, otherwise it’s a scam. It should be regulated by a regulator, and have a clear registration number.

Besides asking for personal information, many fraudulent brokers offer managed accounts where the trader will not invest the money. They won’t even let their customers withdraw their money. Furthermore, if the forex broker offers a large bonus for opening a new account, it will not be transparent and they will not disclose their payouts. Further, this type of scam is not regulated by any governing body.

A scam broker may be claiming that it is legitimate and has thousands of investors. This is a common tactic of forex fraudsters. If the broker doesn’t have these records, they are probably a fraudster. So, check out the FCA registration number and contact details of the company. A legitimate Forex trading broker will have a registered name and a legitimate registration number.

One of the main reasons why is a scam is because it does not have a centralized exchange. In addition, you can’t withdraw your money if you don’t have experience with it. In addition to stealing money, a scam broker may offer an unrealistic return that is far below your expectations. If your broker offers low profit returns, this is a red flag.

A scam broker may also claim to use a forex robot. This robot is a computer program that makes decisions for you. It will trade on the market and generate profits based on the information provided by the software. You should avoid companies that claim to provide these services. These companies may be promoting a scam that is difficult to identify. It’s best to conduct your own research to avoid falling victim to this type of fraud. is a scam. The company promises to increase your profits by 30% and has a reputation for being a good forex broker. This is not the case. It has no regulatory status and is a fraud. Instead, it wants to take your money and disappear. In addition, it is a scam that has no regulation. A reputable Forex broker will not require any fees, but it will charge you $200 for every money transfer.

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