GCI Trading Scam: Is GCI Trading A Scam?

Company Overview


Warning: This review was made before it was understood that GCI Trading is indeed a scam. If you have lost money to GCI Trading, make sure to report the scam immediately to your police and online as well. You can report a scam with our form or through the chatbot.

Gcitrading Review Should You Trade with Gcitrading? Read This First You may have come across Gcitrading after doing a web search or maybe you saw some positive reviews on social media or a review site. The next step is to look closely at an Gcitrading review to get a clear idea if it is reliable, legitimate and if its services are right for your financial goals.

Overview of GCI Trading

In the beginning, GCI Trading was set up as a one stop trading website for both beginners and professionals. Later on, it also started offering the live trading platform as well as any other services that professionals need. As a well-established firm, it has accumulated a huge list of registered traders that include professionals from across the globe and that too almost 30% of the total clients. They offer advice and support to their clients to achieve the best results from the trading platform. How GCI Trading compares with other brokers Despite being one of the oldest and largest brokers in Canada, GCI Trading has actually played second fiddle to some other well-established Canadian traders in the industry.

Gcitrading’s Services

Gcitrading is a trading platform based in Washington, DC. Gcitrading does the following: Gcitrading provides trading in Forex, gold and some selected financial instruments, including Gold ETP’s (exchange-traded notes). Based on GCI, Gcitrading provides its users with a newsletter called Golang Focus (gold, silver, stocks, etc.), Daily Summary (stock, futures, and forex) and Daily Pro. GCI also offers a complete trading course on Trading, Options and GCI. The marketplace also offers a number of customizable trading courses that can be used by individuals for their individual trading goals. GCI also offers real-time insights and informational tools for trading and investing. Gcitrading Review: How Is Gcitrading Reliable? How Can You Tell If Gcitrading is Legitimate?

Gcitrading Reviews

Who Is Gcitrading? Gcitrading is the latest online trading platform. It is designed to help you create and execute trades online with 0 to 24x leverage. In simple terms, it is designed to help you get paid for making trades. Gcitrading offers three key services: Risk Trading — This is where you trade with a strong and experienced team. — This is where you trade with a strong and experienced team. Mining — This is where you get to play the long-term game and trade derivatives, such as commodities, equities, ETFs, and stocks. — This is where you get to play the long-term game and trade derivatives, such as commodities, equities, ETFs, and stocks. Options — This is a sophisticated trading tool that allows you to hold your bets with very limited risk.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you need to take the time to find a financial advisory firm that offers a reliable, trustworthy, legitimate, cost-effective and scalable investment solution to meet your specific needs and objectives. Most important is that the solution matches your investment objectives and risk appetite. In other words, you want to invest in a fund that provides high returns over a long period of time. The time to find the right advisor is now. Remember, you do not have to trade in the stock market to enjoy the financial benefits of investing. Other options such as taking advantage of tax-free retirement savings accounts (RSAs), leasing an interest-free car, investing in real estate and pre-ordering a phone are great ways to invest your money.

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